Friday 17 February 2017

My new favourite iPad App for Digital Story Telling

Toontastic 3D
I am a big fan of the new upgraded Toontastic 3D app. This app has had a major update and is now so easy to use and a great way for students to show what they have learned. I have found that this app is a great way for students to present and show their learning on any topic. Before you have students use 

Here are some basics on how to use this app. 
1. You choose the format of the story you want to create: Short Story (3 parts), Classic Story (5 parts) and Science Report (5 parts)

2. You then get to see the different parts of the story. You can edit them and add more parts on this screen too. The next step is to tap on the story you want start with: beginning, middle, end.

3. In this step you need to choose a pre-done template for your background settings. These pre-done templates are: Dolares High School (City), Curiosity Crater (Space), Tunich's Temple (Explorers), Shipshape Cove (Pirates), Cyan Sea (Atlantis), Sneaky Peak (Spy), Camp Whatwasthat (Spooky Camp), & The Fearless Flyer (Airpunks).
Alternatively you can draw your own background.

4.  Now you can choose your character(s) to use in the scene. There is a large selection of characters that you can customize. Part of the customizing is the option to add your photo to their face.
Alternatively you can draw your own characters.

5. Next you are able to start recording and when you move characters and talk the animation will begin. It is best explained by seeing examples and playing around.

Again, download this free app and play around with it.

Below is a great example from my students on what can be done with this flexible app.

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