Monday 30 May 2011

Five ways to get iPads for your classroom

I have had many people ask me what I did to be able to get a classroom set of Apple's newest tech gadget: the iPad. How did I do it? If you want to hear about what the project will involve, check my previous blog post.

The big reason I was able to get 30 iPads (along with other complementary equipment) for a pilot project approved in an era of declining school funding are:
  1. I am passionate about school technology and have been an early adopter of using computers and technology in my classroom; from projectors to Smartboards, to clickers. And, I have always been trying new Web2.0 tools with my students.
  2. I have been a technology leader and advocate at my school.
  3. My principal caught the vision for what I wanted to do with iPads in the least to some extent at first. I convinced him and he became an advocate to the school board.
  4. I put together a very detailed plan and analysis for the project using the Bates and Poole SECTIONS model that I submitted to administration (copy below).
  5. I did not give up and take no for an answer. I was tenacious.
I have always been interested in technology and getting students using technology for projects in the classroom. Before I was a teacher I was a computer sales person and technician; so I was really comfortable around technology. I am also currently working on my Masters in Educational Technology and this has got me researching and thinking more about technological changes in education.
It is important for you to have a clear plan and explain how you are going to use the technology or device. Next don't give up, keep trying and telling others about your plan.
Here is the detailed plan that I submitted using the Bates and Poole model that was developed to help education planners to analyze new technology for implementation.

Monday 16 May 2011

iPad Pilot project for Kamloops SD

I am awaiting the hardware arrival of the first batch of Apple iPads to WSS in Kamloops, BC. They are going to be used mostly for Social Studies and for Astronomy classes. Our schools new and improved WiFi network will enable this project to go ahead.

It was really a surprise that this project was approved and that the funds were somehow found. In a later post I will explain how I got it approved.

I am also planning on using this blog to chronicle the implementation of a class set of iPads on the school and learning of students.
Also we will share our experiences and best apps around for educational use.

How are the iPads going to be used in the classroom? Again a future post. Sorry you will have to wait, but I wanted to start the blog somewhere.

Jeremy Reid