Friday 17 February 2017

Digital Storytelling Through eBook's

Publishing digital books today is easier than ever before. Whether you have 1 iPad or 30 iPads in your classroom, you can guide students to create amazing work. Digital story telling can give your students a voice and audience! Learn how to get students away from consuming content to be creators of content and then publishing it as a digital book. Digital creation can engage students at any grade level while enhancing their writing, understanding and critical thinking skills. The first step to know is to look at the 5 C's of Mulit-Touch Book Publishing

You will learn start to finish workflow on how to manage a collaborative approach to creating eBooks with multiple apps. Attendees will see many sample eBooks that students have created to give you ideas and inspiration. Class portfolio creation has never been easier!

Learn how you can use:
• Book Creator allows learners to publish and show their learning by combining text, photos, video's and audio to tell a story. Easily import content from other apps such as: Comic Life and Explain Everything.

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