Saturday 15 October 2011

iOS 5: is it for the Classroom?

I was eager to upgrade to iOS5 this week and foolishly tried to download it minutes after it was released on Wednesday. Well it took forever to download and since it was a large file I had overloaded the capacities of my schools WiFi. Although the download problems may be more from too much demand on Apple's servers.  I ended up having to continue the download and install on my iPad at home.

I though the next day at school that I would try to sync all 30 iPads at once in the sync cart. Why not I though, it normally works like that for all other updates. Except I found out that it would only start to do the iOS upgrade one iPad at a time with someone having to keep clicking buttons throughout the install. After waiting over an hour for the first iPad, it all ended with "unknown error occurring" message where the upgrade failed. Then the same thing happend with the second iPad. So at this point I gave up on a mass sync, and plugged in a single iPad and went through the upgrade...close to 1 1/2 hours each...I am still not finished upgrading and will slowly work on them next week. Apple needs to have better and less time consuming ways available for the education market.

I had my hopes up on the iCloud as a way for students to store and possibly hand in their completed work. However during the setup it appears that the iCloud is setup with your iTunes account. This is a problem because we have all the iPads setup with the same iTunes account (or Apple ID). So for the time being, until I research it more myself, I turned iCloud off.

UPDATE: I slowly upgraded each iPad one at a time and it took me about 2 weeks getting about 5 done per day. I hope Apple comes up with a better way to do these major updates in the future because this is really time consuming. What if I had hundreds to do?...

Initially when we got the iPads we bought the Incipio Smart feather for iPad 2, we were planning to eventually buy SmartCovers for them later when we had more money. In the mean time, this past week we noticed that 3-4 cases broke in the top corner and would not stay on the iPads anymore. As I looked at other cases closer, the majority of them had micro-fracture cracks and would eventually break also. I contacted Incipio at the start of the week and today I got an email that they are replacing all of our cases with another model that is softer and more malleable. I think this might be a better option for us since we  decided that we no longer want the Smartcover. Thank you for some great customer service from Incipio, you don't often get that from many companies today.


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