Friday 17 June 2011

Digital Learning Using Animoto

My Grade 8 Socials has just finished learning about European explorers. In the past I have had my students create trading cards for some explorers; much like hockey cards.
This time I wanted to teach them to use Animoto and be creative in making videos. They found Animoto easy to use and I really didn't have to help them much on the tech side of things. One of the limitations of Animoto is the number of characters they can add into the presentation (its less than twitter). I told them to be careful with what they say and to be concise with their message. I actually found this to be good because they had to summarize very carefully; they could not copy paste from websites.
I was thinking of getting them to make graphics and add text by using the Gimp image software program. This image then could be imported as a .jpg into Animoto. This would allow for more detailed text to be added to the video. Its and extra step and I might integrate it when I use Animoto next time.

So below are a few of the animoto videos that students created.
The class is seeking comments on their work.

Explorer John Cabot

Christopher Columbus

Ferdinand Magellan


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